After a few years learning leather-craftsmanship with extraordinary artisans in the family's atelier in the depth of Normandy, Thibault developed an eye fit for perfection.

In 2012, his explorer soul came knocking when he decided to discover the world, whose warmth and energy inspired him to create the most.  

From his years in Montreal and New York, he brought back architectural lines and a booming street style culture. From South America, he preserved the fierceness and enthusiasm of the people and a taste for vivid colors. His time in Northern Africa balanced the three with an inherent rawness and a taste for handmade expertise - which ultimately brought him back to his early years in leather making. Back in France and enriched with the endless flavors of these inspiring countries and traditions, Thibault returned to his family’s atelier and infused the long-established artisans with a new idea. One that was born from new ways of thinking, modern ways of creating, and traditional ways of making. From that spark was born a brand, whose mission was immediately set on continually embracing an explorer’s treasure from his adventures: the memories.

That brand? It’s Allen St.

Founded in Paris in 2017, Allen St. has inherited the ambition and vision of the family’s traditional craftsmanship, as well a new traveller state of mind. 

Allen St.: { alɑ̃ stʁi } - Noun - 

Synonym with adventure, it embodies the new and elegant way of wearing colorful high quality leather goods.

Leather pieces designed to last a lifetime, following your journey everyday, everywhere.


78 rue d'Aboukir
75002 PARIS
Hours : 
Wednesday - Friday 11:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 1:00pm - 7:00pm