United We Stand

Dear friends, 

Due to the recent confinement instructions, we announced that we had to close the doors of our Parisian Flagship Store until further notice. While it pains us to do so, we strongly believe it is the right thing to do if we want to stop this virus from spreading.

The current outbreak is putting the health of ourselves and our loved ones at risk, but it’s also taking our livelihood hostage. While big corporations can rely on their reserves, the smaller, independent businesses such as ours, face a greater challenge. We have been exchanging on the subject with fellow shop owners, and we all agree that, as crazy as it may sound, the best way to support each other is to keep consuming.

In a situation were numbers are important and sales are vital, we have decided to offer our products at a 20% discount for the initial 15 days of confinement. Please use the code UNITED20 before checking out, and support small businesses like ours. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your orders get to you, while keeping our staff protected.

Last and most important, for each order, we will donate 5€ to the Institut Pasteur to help find a cure to this virus. 

Or donate directly to the Institut Pasteur here.

Let’s remember that as with any experience, we will come out of this as stronger individuals, and as a better group.