At Allen St. we work as hard as we can to be a responsible company. We only manufacture in workshops and countries that respect their workers and focus on quality before quantity. 

Our upcycling program is the continuation of our philosophy. 

As a leather goods brand, the way we select and transform leathers is key to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We decided to team up with prestigious workshops and tanneries in France to use their production off-cuts and excess quantities of luxurious leathers to create exclusive limited series. 

By upcycling we remove the need to produce new tanned skins. By reducing this need, we can cut down on air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. We also shorten the supply chain and help local artisans to recycle their stock in a more effective way.

Finally, using these leathers allows us to create products in limited quantities with exclusive colors and materials. Of course we cannot restock these pieces. 

Our upcycling project is part of our long-term vision to create a culture of total respect for the environment and all human beings in our entire ecosystem.